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ENO is an outdoorsy brand, and, as such, we’ve committed ourselves to sustainable development by promoting “Made in France” values.

Learn the secret to our exceptional longevity and our commitment.

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Focusing on the local ecosystem 

Creating more shared value around French manufacturing for clients and suppliers.

With deep roots in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, ENO supports the local economy, thus participating in regional development through the indirect jobs we create and the taxes paid to the community.

All ENO planchas are Origine France Garantie-certified, which attests to the product’s origin.



Over the past 10 years, the company has moved two production lines to France to sustain a dozen jobs in its Niort factory and has redistributed markets to over 10 French suppliers to create overall consistency in our approach.




Whether it’s intended for use on land or at sea, we design, test and make each ENO product in our workshops, with a constant focus on durability, repairability and energy efficiency.

  • Reparable products : each part can easily be replaced, which is essential at sea.
  • Priority to local suppliers : we always choose the closest suppliers.
  • Recyclable materials : cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper... 100% recyclable.
  • High-performance products to save energy (30% to 40% reduction)
  • Systematic waste sorting system
  • Reduced ecological footprint : water isn’t used in the manufacturing process.

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Integrating workers with disabilities

25% of our workers have disabilities. ENO has developed a special reintegration partnership with EPCNPH (Établissement Public Communal de Niort pour Personnes Handicapées) to provide permanent contracts to disabled workers.

green company eno plancha


Supporting the Usine du Futur

By supporting the Usine du Future initiative, ENO showed a desire to step into the digital age and modernize our production tools. We introduced digital tools and automation into the workplace, making for a more humane and respectful factory for everyone.

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